iPad Pro Prompter
AutoCue iPad Pro Prompter

AutoCue iPad Pro Prompter

12″ Teleprompter

Product Description

A complete hardware package that turns your iPad Pro 12.9” [not included] into a robust, through-the-lens prompter capable of supporting an entire range of full-sized cameras. The Autocue Starter Series iPad Pro 12.9” Teleprompter delivers a complete, professional teleprompting system.
At nearly 13 inches and with increased brightness, the iPad Pro is capable of becoming a prompter with readability to 15 feet. This system includes QStart, the professional teleprompter software that allows you to improve your workflow by easily editing and controlling scripts while sending via desktop extension to the iPad Pro*.
Employ your existing iPad Pro 12.9” as a teleprompter;
Enjoy the most flexible and capable solution available;
Use the system with any camera up to a full-sized ENG broadcast or cine camera with lenses up to a 4.2 mm focal length and diameters of up to Ø300 mm;
Work with a fully adjustable pop-up design, ensuring a quick and easy mobile production;
Own a unique design that enables 4 prompting solutions in 1 system: Straight read, thru-the-lens, floor stand and above lens (light ring compatible);
Prompt using software apps available from the App Store;
Get started immediately with the included QStart software that allows you to use a dedicated prompter operator, edit swiftly and choose from a wider selection of prompter controllers*;
Complete your system with optional carry case and controller accessories
*QStart control of iPad prompters requires third party desktop extension app