E.P.I.C 17" Prompter
AutoScript E.P.I.C 17″ Prompter

AutoScript E.P.I.C 17″ Prompter

17″ Teleprompter

Product Description

The world's first fully integrated prompting and on-air system brings major benefits:
-Combines the brightest 17" LED prompting screen with an integrated 17" full HD-SDI on-air monitor.
-Solves the major operational problem of using on-air monitors – there’s no extra mounting bracket and therefore no restriction of camera tilt range.
-Weighs 3kg less than a system made of separate components (also saving 3kg of counter-balance) and uses 20% less power.
-Uses class-leading High Bright LED prompting screens with 1600 nits of brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a lifetime in excess of 70,000 hours.
-Simplified cable management – one power cable for the prompter and on-air monitor, while ClockPlus and TallyPlus are powered via 12V DC from prompter; the video signal loops through prompter.
-E.P.I.C. brings the power of information into the eyeline of the talent.
-2 composite video and 2 HDSDI video inputs.
-Remote control of inputs.
-Unique, adjustable, picture in picture functionality allows all 4 inputs to be shown.
-E.P.I.C. prompters are truly "smart" – bringing multiple benefits not only to the engineering team but also the talent and production team.

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