Ross VideoCarbonite Black Solo

Ross VideoCarbonite Black Solo

Highly powerful and efficiently designed, Carbonite Black Solo delivers unprecedented performance in a remarkably cost-effective package. Solo sets the bar as the new world standard for small production switchers and delivers Pure Production Power!

Product Description

Carbonite Primary Capabilities
Intuitive interfaces and a significant level of operational control provide you a new level of production efficiencies.

  • A choice of combined panel and switcher electronics or separate panel and rack mount processing frame
  • Full production control via convenient DashBoard software based control panel GUI, with no hardware panel required
  • Simplify system settings, and access to graphic elements with a powerful DashBoard live production control interface and media browser
  • Seamlessly create and run an entire production perfectly every time from a simple touch screen application

A professional grade feature set offers the capabilities of a much larger switcher for you to deliver imaginative and dramatic productions.

  • Unique effects modules are available in a pool to be assigned anywhere in the system for additional dissolves and key layers independent of ME resources to create more sophisticated productions looks
  • Distributable system-wide 2D DVE channels that incorporate intelligent resource management to store and recall scenes, meets production demands that typically require a larger switcher
  • For more compelling productions, multiple media player channels are available system-wide to directly play out stills, logos, and animated graphics which can even be enhanced with audio
  • Powerful processing forms the foundation of a platform with the flexibility to handle a range of requirements with advanced keying and effects, multi-format production in HD and SD, and the ability to apply video and color correction controls to add creative flare

System extensibility offers complete production system solutions that make your integration and operation highly cost effective.

  • Fully integrated MultiViewer with selectable layouts for choice of border, tally and UMD label display for each source; make monitoring simple and reducing costs
  • Studio solutions are made complete by adding motion graphics and video playback systems along with unmatched device control of systems such as robotic cameras and audio mixers. All Carbonite systems ship with an XPression LiveCG software license to provide production graphics. If the deployment also includes a separate XPression Go, Prime, or Studio system- it can be used as an additional Designer seat
  • An available configuration with an integrated signal routing and management system simplifies installation and operation when outputting to multiple screens, on-set displays and signal distribution systems
  • Delivers compelling multi-screen production without the need for complex and expensive multi-screen image processors

Carbonite Black Solo provides big switcher production power in a small cost-effective package.
Carbonite Black Solo uses the absolute latest technology to pack the unprecedented production power of Carbonite into a super compact package. The Ross Multi-Definition Production Engine that lies at the heart of Carbonite Black Solo offers the same pristine processing used in the larger Carbonite switchers. The superb performance of the award winning Carbonite family is available to you in this incredibly small package, at an unbeatable price.

All Carbonite Black Solo models feature a breadth of capabilities that make these switchers unique in their class. Carbonite Black Solo is simple to setup and use. It provides the same intuitive panel ergonomics and superior production efficiencies as the bigger models. You can rapidly execute a variety of wipe patterns and memory recalls in just a few pushes, and the implementation of a rapid, auto-follow menu system means that you do not need to memorize menu hierarchies in order to fine tune your actions. A simple turn of a knob will apply a border, adjust softness and activate multiplication and rotation to create your own unique looks. No time or effort is wasted navigating through the panel to see what you want and get what you want.

The ergonomically designed hardware control panel provides Carbonite Black Solo with the capabilities of a much larger switcher. The same control capabilities are also provided via the included DashBoard software panel that can be used as a secondary control point in conjunction with the Solo hardware panel or as the primary control surface for the 1RU Carbonite Solo processing engine. Contributing to the power and ease of use of Solo are attributes such as the effortless ability to perform full previews on any keyer and next transition style operation. Carbonite Black Solo delivers a professional grade feature set with DVE functions, media stores, auxiliary buses, integrated multi-viewers, production software tools, advanced chroma keying, and range of I/O types. Create imaginative and dramatic productions with this powerful feature set.

  • 2 MiniME™ modules with 2 keyers
  • 10 input MultiViewer, with multiple layout choices
  • Four Media-Stores with audio for animations and stills
  • DashBoard LiveAssist™ GUI with MediaManager™ Web UI
  • MediaWipes™ Animated Transitions
  • MemoryAI™ recall to preview
  • Custom Control Macro’s
  • Two channels of 2D DVEs
  • UltraChrome™ Choma Keying

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