-Smallest and lightest 4K 3-Chip DLP Laser Phoshor Projector
-Extremely compact with 10,000 lm brightness
-Up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free in Normal Mode
-Flexible free 360-degree installation through any axis

Product Description

Add breathtaking 4K+ projection to any venue with the
PT-RQ13K, the world’s most compact*1 3-Chip DLP™ projector. With Quad Pixel Drive rendering pixels invisible in film-like 5120 x 3200 video, and 10,000 lm of consistently bright SOLID SHINE Laser power, performance is nothing short of spectacular. Pair with any lens from Panasonic’s 3-Chip DLP™ family (including those in your current inventory) and see how the PT-RQ13K’s small size, powered lens shift, and 360 ° multi-axis rotation saves you time and money in permanent or temporary installations. In fact, you can expect up to 20,000 hours*2 of continuous maintenance-free operation at full power—just one of many reasons to choose Panasonic.

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