Vario Ped 2-75
Vario Ped 2-75

Vario Ped 2-75

75 kg capacity pedestal

Product Description

The functions of the Vario Ped 2-75 are perfectly matched to the requirements of studio and OB daily life. The Crab & Steer function makes the pedestal versatile, easy to use, soft and the precise “on-air” runs are naturally. The pedestal can be dismantled into dolly, column and handwheel for easy transportation and the Quickfix connection allows the rapid assembly of the fluid head.

Weight: 55 kg
Payload: 0 – 75 kg
Height range: 66 – 143 cm
Head fitting: Flat base with quick fix

On-shot stroke: 77 cm
Clearance: 69 - 92 cm