Quartz One Pedestal
Vinten Quartz One Pedestal

Vinten Quartz One Pedestal

95 kg capacity pedestal

Product Description

The Quartz One pedestal is a single-stage pedestal with a maximum capacity of 95 kg / 209.5 lbs. It can accommodate a wide range of camera, lens and teleprompter combinations, making it particularly suitable for studio productions.

The Quartz design offers precise crab and steer control from a central steering ring, together with the ability to accelerate smoothly and rapidly; enabling easy repositioning even in the tightest of sets. The design of the base offers maximum stability, a single foot brake gives extra control at all times, and the fully skirted base incorporates a cable guard system that is simply adjusted by three external knobs.
Integral cable guard
Detachable steering ring
Single parking brake
Low pressure pneumatic system

Max. Capacity: 95 kg / 209.5 lbs [max. capacity includes trim weights] Height Range: 71 to 122 cm / 28 to 48"
Weight: 89.5 kg / 197.3 lbs
On-Shot Stroke: 51 cm / 20"
Tracking Width: 108 cm / 42"
Transit Width: 80 cm / 31.5"
Wheel Diameter: 12.5 cm / 5"
Detachable Steering Ring Diameter: 63.5 cm / 25"
Trim Weights: 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Ground Clearance: 2 cm / 0.8"
Colour: Black

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