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Live Streaming Bundle Promo @ SGD2,600.00+GST

The SE-650 is Datavideo’s most affordable SDI+HDMI switcher available. With 2 SDI inputs and 2 HDMI inputs, the SE-650 is compatible with both professional and consumer-grade cameras while being one of the least expensive switchers in our catalog.

Combined with NVS-33

 video streaming server designed for various network environments, offering you multiple bitrate settings as well as the flexibility of streaming and recording either individually or simultaneously.
From any SDI/HDMI input sources, the Datavideo’s video streaming server generates an H.264 encoded stream that is compliant with RTSP or RTMP(S) protocols. Additionally, you can also connect an external RCA Unbalanced Audio source to the NVS-33.
While encoding the video at bitrates appropriate for live streaming, the Datavideo NVS-33 concurrently records a high-quality MP4 file to an SD card formatted to NTFS or FAT32 file system. Simultaneous H.264 video streaming and recording at multiple bitrates.  


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