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Autocue SSP 17 Teleprompter Package & QStart

Prompter pops up for easy mounting. Icon-based prompting software included. Designed for all cameras – riser & easy balance system. Free teleprompter hardware and software support

The Starter Series Teleprompters come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our most popular 17” prompter offers 4 turnkey teleprompting solutions in 1: standard on-camera, straight-read above camera, on tripod and floor standing. All monitors feature a 4:3 format which is essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters’ eyes, and every prompter is delivered with everything you need to start prompting in one box, including a camera riser system that secures onto the tripod camera plate and QStart prompting software.

QStart is professional prompting software with dualscreen functionality that reverses the script for reflection in the prompt monitor and keeps it the right way round on the PC screen. It can be used with any teleprompter from any manufacturer. Other standard features in QStart Prompting Software include

  • multi-language text and menus
  • icon-based action buttons
  • multiple prompter control options
  • import of .doc, .rtf and .txt files
  • script markers and assignable hot keys for added speed and flexibility

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