KT-KD50V Vmix control panel

Multi-function switchboard control panel, ideal for audio and video live broadcasting system, audio, and video recording system.Connected to ATEM switchers by LAN, and compatible with ATEM Software Control.


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Compatible with vMix software via USB and LAN connection
12-channel live video switcher, 24 physical buttons integrated on the panel, support 12-channel PGM+12-channel PVW switch
Audio control can control up to 5 channels of audio volume control through the 5 knobs integrated into the body
Multiple shortcut functions, support the quick operation of common functions of ATEM and vMix
Easy to connect, ATEM equipment only needs to be connected to a switcher that supports POE through a network cable, and vMix software only needs a USB2.0 cable to achieve power supply and data transmission
Fashionable appearance, anodized aluminum alloy panel, can be adapted to various environments
Tally function, support 12-channelPGM+12-channel PVW, a total of 24 Tally signals are output through the DB25 interface